David Lloyd Warren 

My ceramics are informed by my interest in architecture, design, modern art and the natural world.  My work is about the exploration of form and surface; the ambiguity of form, function and object with the surface treatment inherent to the form.

My work is handmade using a slab roller and extruder from low-fire clay.  My glazes are sprayed and the pieces are fired in oxidation in an electric kiln.  I create tarpaper patterns, which enable me to make multiple pieces that are similar in form.

My work is a combination of functional and non-functional.  The non-functional pieces may or may not hold water and are usually made with non food-safe glazes.  My pieces are best cleaned by blowing on them with canned air or running them under warm water and letting them air dry.  Contact me with any questions regarding if a piece is functional or non-functional and/or food safe